Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Thought of You Today


Today I read your letter,
Each word found a place in my heart.
How do I make you feel better?
Where do I make a start?
Seeing you are in turmoil today
Hurts to find out
That no one came to your assistance,
When you were down and out.
You are such a lovely person,
With such a love of poetry, lace and life.
Was it you mother's passing on
That hurt your heart so?
Dear remember it was her heart that gave you life.
So soon, she would not want you to go.
I pray for your recovery and wish I could be at your side.
I face my own demons, and also take time to cry.
When you need love, you know where to call.
The Lord waits, loves, and listens to us all.
With tears rolling down my face
As I write this to you.
Don't think of the worlds maddening pace.
 Make time and space for you.
Good luck my dear friend.
With Love and Prayers.

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  1. I would like to comment on your Midnight Madness card that you enter in our challenge, but I can't seem to find the card post. Email me at if you would like.
    MMSC Hostess